Separated – Connected

an experimental music theatre by André Hinderlich

Being separated – connecting with each other – entering into relationships – searching, finding, and losing again: all of these are aspects of human interaction, which are explored in this experimental music theatre. Using improvisation techniques from modern dance theatre and contemporary music, we create scenes which come alive through their immediateness and which bring the emotions of the recounted tale very close to the audience. Apart from improvised music, the audience also hears pieces by Hannes Kerschbaumer and Philipp Lamprecht.

This production was partly? funded by the cultural departments of the city of Salzburg and the state of Salzburg.


André Hinderlich / concept, director, actor, set design
Cordula Stepp / actor & vocals
Philipp Lamprecht / music & percussion
Anne-Suse Enßle / recorders


The Monk and the Countess

This programme focusses on two historical figures from the Middle Ages: Mönch von Salzburg (“The Monk of Salzburg”) and Countess Beatriz de Dia, one of the few “trobairitz” (an old-Occitan term for a female troubadour). Even though these two figures could not have met in real life, the programme creates a connection between the music composed by the monk and the trobairitz, negotiating the old – and yet still current – topic of courtly love. It deals with longing and desire, cunning flirting, rage and pain about unrequited love, as well as more general reflections on life and love. Will the monk and the countess reach a happy ending? Just wait and see!

This programme was created in connection with the project “Complete Performance Mönch von Salzburg” and performed, among other occasions, at the Music festival Potsdam Sanssouci.

Cordula Stepp / vocals
Philipp Lamprecht / vocals, hurdy-gurdy, medieval beehive-shaped bells and medieval percussion
Susanne Ansorg / vielle
Anne-Suse Enßle / recorders and Celtic harp

The Monk of Salzburg – Complete Performance

The Monk of Salzburg (“Mönch von Salzburg”), an anonymous song writer and composer of the late Middle Ages, created an oeuvre of European importance. His works are recorded in over 100 surviving manuscripts, which prove that he must have been immensely popular in his time, as we cannot say the same about any other poet or composer of the time. The Monk’s oeuvre comprises over 100 mono- and polyphonic songs; 50 of these contain religious lyrics and encompass almost the entire liturgical year. A large part of the more than 50 secular lyrics deals with love in its different facets; however, the corpus also contains other genres, such as drinking songs. Moreover, we can find the first German-speaking canon in the Monk’s oeuvre.

Between 2014 and 2024, we are planning to perform all songs composed by the Monk of Salzburg, structured according to thematic clusters, combining them with first performances of contemporary works and putting them into different contexts in this way.

For this unique project, the ensemble is expanded to include a range of cooperation partners. Further information as well as a list of already performed pieces and the respective first performances of contemporary works can be found here: