duo lamprecht - Musikerduo - Anne Enßle und Phillip Lamprecht


London Manuscript: „Tre Fontane“

Gegengleich – Duo Enssle-Lamprecht – CROSSROADS

“Belicha” from the Middle Ages

Trailer „Mönch und Comtessa“


TESSERAE (2017). audax records

Duo Enßle-Lamprecht presents a mosaic of secular and religious works from the Middle Ages and makes them come alive today in a virtuosic way. Fascinating instrumental soundscapes and intriguingly rich acoustic colours will take you on a journey to another world. Our first collaboration with audax!



Press reviews of the recent CD, TESSERAE:

BR Klassik

“Their new CD is characterised by a great deal of creativity and a lavish range of instruments. Recorders of all sizes are represented, accompanied by medieval castanets, drums in different varieties, as well as Romanesque beehive-shaped bells. …
The duo arrives at an authentic interpretation. The CD manages to do without superfluous pseudo-medieval mannerisms, but the source material is nevertheless performed in creative ways. Especially the more virtuoso pieces showcase Anne-Suse Enßle’s mastery of her instrument.”


Remy Franck in Pizzicato 176

“This mosaic of secular and religious works, played on different percussion instruments – among them chimes – and a range of recorders, also contains vocals. This results in a CD that is not only characterised by a very high musical standard but one that is also very rich in variety, even though it is performed by only two musicians.”

jeuX (2013). sumtone.com

Works by Marco Döttlinger and Jürgen Neuhofer



Points of Contact (2010). mozarteum

Works by Anonymous, Younhee Chung, Moritz Eggert, Philipp Lamprecht and Joep Straesser