Jörg und seine Abenteuer auf Burg Westerstein „Jörg und seine Abenteuer auf Burg Westerstein“ erzählt die Geschichte des jungen Ritters der mit seiner Familie auf Burg Westerstein wohnt. Jörg erlebt während seiner Kindheit allerhand Abenteuer mit seinen Geschwistern, den Knechten und Mägden und anderen Personen, die auf der Burg leben. Diese Erzählungen werden mit mittelalterlichem Instrumentarium musikalisch umrahmt und untermalt. Hierbei sind Instrumente wie beispielsweise mittelalterliche Bienenkorbglocken, eine Drehleier, verschiedene Flöteninstrumente sowie mittelalterliche Perkussionsinstrumente zu hören und zu erleben. So werden die Kinder in die bunte Klangwelt der mittelalterlichen Musik entführt. Im Anschluss an das Konzert gibt es die Möglichkeit, unter Anleitung ausgewählte Instrumente auszuprobieren. Geeignet für Kinder von 5-8 Jahren Dauer: ca. 45 Minuten Workshops für Musikhochschulen (Kompositions- und Instrumentalklassen)

Dr. Crescendo’s sound laboratory,

or, how can we invent a remedy for travelling with the help of music?

A “Lauschkonzert“ production by the Salzburg Mozarteum Foundation

Dr. Crescendo is desperate: in her laboratory, she is seeking a remedy for travelling with the help of music. She has collected a great deal of sounds and instruments but remained unsuccessful. With the help of her two assistants, the secret is revealed little by little: music comes alive in one’s mind and imagination and only then is it possible to travel by means of it.

This concert takes children on a journey – for example, to the deep ocean –, lets them dance on the moon, and experience love stories from the Middle Ages. Even the realm of the Queen of the Night is not off limits in this production…

A great deal of experimental music, but also music from the Middle Ages, unusual percussion and recorders of all sizes will guarantee an extraordinary auditory and visual experience.

Anne-Suse Enßle, recorders of several sizes

Philipp Lamprecht, percussion

Monika Sigl-Radauer, text and guide through the programme as Dr. Crescendo

Age: 4–10 years
Performance duration: 50 min
Number of participants: approximatels 150–200
Technology: 3 headsets (depending on the size of the room), 4 music stands, Microphone to amplify recorders (could be provided by us)



Jörg and his Adventures at Castle Westerstein

“Jörg and his Adventures on Castle Westerstein” tells the story of a young knight who lives at Castle Westerstein with his family. In his childhood, Jörg experiences various adventures with his siblings, the servants and maids and other people living at the castle.

These stories are accompanied by music from the Middle Ages, played on a range of medieval instruments, such as Romanesque beehive-shaped bells, hurdy-gurdy, different recorders and medieval percussion instruments. In this way, children are taken on a journey to the multifaceted soundscapes of medieval music.

Following the concert, participants will have the possibility to try out a few select instruments under our guidance.

Aimed at children between 5–8 years

Duration: approximately 45 minutes

Workshops for music teachers

New Music in school education – a hands-on experience that opens entirely new dimensions of teaching. Together, we get to the bottom of questions that may arise when engaging with experimental music:

“What is the fascinating thing about experimental music? What is ‘noise’ – and where does the music start? How can experimental pieces be rehearsed and performed at school? What are the opportunities when students, teachers, and/or parents engage with this kind of music?”

(These questions relate to discussions that we had at the “Music school days” in Halle/Saale in March 2016.)

Workshops for Music Colleges (composition and instrumental classes))

For a few years, we have been offering workshops for composition students, in order to familiarise them with the specific duo formation of recorder and percussion, but also in order to speak about extended playing techniques and tonal possibilities of the individual instruments. In this context, we have already held workshops at Mozarteum University Salzburg (in 2014) and the Robert Schumann University (in 2016).

For students of the recorder or percussion, it would be possible to follow up the workshop with a masterclass.

A model schedule can be found here: Workshop_DuoE_L