Duo Lamprecht - Anne Enßle und Phillip Lamprecht

The anonymous lover

As a small formation, a duo opens numerous possibilities with regard to instrumentation and a large variety of combinations. The musical range of Duo Enßle-Lamprecht spans from virtuoso monophony and the touching melodies of the Middle Ages, which the duo arranges for the two instruments in artful ways, to the almost orchestral complexity of contemporary chamber music. In the latter context, the duo’s inspiration comes from immediate collaborations with composers of our time.

Philipp: With this duo, I have the chance to tap into my full potential and range as a musician. Every piece has its own specific demands. One day, I am a virtuoso on the vibraphone; another time, I play a delicate accompaniment on the Italian tamburello; on another occasion, I explore subtle polyphony on Romanesque beehive-shaped bells. Yet another time, I function as a solo singer, giving expressing the emotional world of medieval poets. Where else would I be able to do all these things?

Anne: Complex contemporary chamber music on the one hand and the complete creative freedom that we experience in improvised music on the other hand – this polarity, which forms the basis of our duo’s musical work, fascinates me over and over again. Being part of this ensemble is incredibly enriching, and we have not lost our curiosity and passion for seeking and rediscovering new pieces, possibilities, and sounds even after 10 years of playing together.